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Design Collection

Heritage Roof Panels
(coming soon)

Ashton Clarke's pressed metal panels are created to replicate both original tin ceilings that are found in many heritage structures and architectural designs.

Above, please find a selection of stocked panels, crown molding (cornice), borders and filler panels.

Panels are light weight, easy to install, and made of 100% recycleable aluminum which is guaranteed
to never rust. All of the panels may be used on ceilings, roofs, walls, or as a backsplash, indoors or outside. For inspiring ideas please visit the images section or contact us today.

We pride ourselves on our detail and attention to pressed metal or tin ceiling
replications. Our panels will never rust and do not need any special treatments to protect them. Panels are made of 100% recycleable aluminum.

Custom designs easily available, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your project further.

Measurements - stocked patterns
Panels are generally 2' x 2' or 1' x 2'
Wall Panels (Dados) sized as stated
Cornices are 4' long x 7"
Filler Strips 1' x 2'

Material Selection
Ashton Clarke's panels are pressed in 100% recycleable aluminum and can be etched for painting at no extra cost.
Copper, galvanized steel and other materials are available by request and pricing will be based on current market price.